Adopt Paula!

Meet Paula, the longest-term resident at the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter. Paula is about 5 years old and has been at the shelter for 4+ years.
Paula is a combination of two working dog breeds. A working dog is smart, very energetic, and has a job to do. Paula's Catahoula ancestry causes her to have a need to protect her person. Jim and Rezin Bowie both had Catahoulas for this very reason. If you approach Paula while she is with her person, she may react with forward movement or a growl to let you know that she is on duty. This is her job. It's admirable, it's honorable, it's adorable, and it was bred into the breed over many years.

Paula needs a home where there are no other dogs. She is dog selective and chooses based on instinct which dogs are ok and which may pose a threat to the safety of her person. She also needs a home where there are no cats. The optimal situation would be a home with a single mature adult that is both knowledgeable about canine behaviors and would like a companion for their home. She needs a lot of exercise and someone to love her. She is super snuggly and loves hanging out on the couch.